How to Put Up Chain-link Fence

A chain-link fence provides a secure barrier along the edge of a field or yard. It also designates and establishes property lines. Installing a chain-link fence does require heavy lifting and physical activity. If you are not used to physical work, this is a job best left to professionals. If you are willing and able-bodied, the installation is fairly straightforward. As long as you have some basic installation skills, everything will go as planned.


    • Mark the installation area. Apply red spray paint on the grass every 10 feet along the line where the chain link fence will be installed.

    • Dig the holes for the terminal posts with a post hole digger. Drive the post hole digger into the ground, close the handles and lift to remove dirt. Make the hole 10 inches wide at the top and 12 inches wide at the bottom. Use a shovel to dig out the bottom of the post hole.

    • Dig the fence post holes for the rest of the fence every 8 feet along the installation area, using the post hole digger and shovel. Make these holes 8 inches wide at the top and 10 inches wide at the bottom.

    • Install the posts into the proper holes. The thicker terminal posts go into the terminal post holes on each end. The interior fence line posts, which are thinner, go into the holes in between. Shovel a mixture of gravel and cement mortar around each post until its stands up on its own. Level the posts with a carpenter's level. Fill each hole with cement. Level the posts once more and allow the cement to dry.

    • Slide three tension bands and one brace band onto the terminal posts. Attach the end caps by placing them on top of the posts. Attach all of the top loops to the line posts by sliding them over the top of the pipe.

    • Slide the top rail through the top loops. Connect it to the brace band by anchoring it in the brace band cap. Install all of the top rails along the fence line. Connect the last rail to the other terminal post at the brace band cap.

    • Stretch the chain-link fencing material along the fence posts. Slide a tension bar through the end of the fence and behind the tension band. Tighten the tension band around the chain link fencing material with the hex head wrench. Unroll the fabric across the length of the fence line. Secure the fencing to the posts with metal wire as you go. Use three metal wire strands to attach the fence on each post. Stretch the fencing with a fence stretcher for a tighter fit.


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