How to Use a Temporary Fence as a Dog Run

No matter what size they are, dogs need space outside to exercise. You can exercise them yourself, or you can build a dog fence to allow them to play unsupervised. A permanent dog run may not be an option if you live in a rental home. Building a dog run out of temporary fence is one option you may choose for your pet. When you move from your rental home, simply take down the temporary dog fence and take it with you to repurpose as another project, such as a garden fence.
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    Drive steel fence posts in the ground at the corner locations. Make the job easier by using a fence-post driver. If you don't have one, pour some water on the ground about an hour before you set the posts, and use a sledgehammer to drive them. Force the posts deep enough in the ground that they don't move.

  • 3 Set additional posts approximately 8 feet apart. Drive them into the ground the same way you did the first posts.

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    Unroll temporary fencing material along the perimeter of the dog fence. Deer fencing designed to keep deer out of gardens makes a good temporary material. Pick 4-foot fencing for most dogs, but choose taller fencing if your dog is a jumper.

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    Place the fencing material on the inside of the dog run. Attach the temporary fence material to the steel fence posts with at least four zip ties per post. If the fence material you chose has a top support line, attach it to the post according to manufacturer's directions.

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    Drive stakes into the ground between each of the fence posts. Attach the stakes to the fence with binder ties. This helps prevent the dog from going under the fence.

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