How to Build Temporary Fencing for a Dog

A sturdy fence is an essential tool in keeping your dog safely contained. However, in some living situations it is impossible to construct a permanent fence to keep your canine companion safe from danger. Temporary fencing will keep your dog safe while allowing you to move the fence quickly if necessary. Building temporary fencing can be done with just a few items and will prevent your dog from roaming the neighborhood.

  • hardware store.

  • 2

    Hammer posts into the ground using sledgehammer. Drive them at least two feet into the ground to help prevent them from shifting and keep your fence secure.

  • 4

    Continue adding panels along your fence line until you have enclosed the area you wish to fence off. Make sure to tighten the fence connectors as firmly as possible to keep your dog from pushing the panels apart and escaping.

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    Turn your dog loose in your newly fenced yard and observe him to make sure he cannot escape. If he finds any weak spots or gaps in the fence, add another connector to keep him inside.


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